A Journey Inside Cosmia, The Collective That Celebrates the Feminine

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4 min readMay 13, 2022

Cosmia is an association created by a group of women writers and artists who want to celebrate the feminine by supporting artistic expression and collaboration. Before even establishing itself as a physical entity in 2021, Cosmia was born as a proposal in Createbase, a community for projects and creators on NEAR Protocol, distinguishing itself on the official page and beginning a new chapter of exploration. In this article, based on an interview with the Cosmia team, we will go into the main themes of Cosmia and its journey between the physical and the digital.

Cosmia, A Collective Dream Of Exploration

Cosmia was born as a collective dream to create spaces where femininity can be cultivated and co-created through artistic experimentation and collaboration. For Cosmia, femininity is not so much a set of attributes as a creative energy whose origin is rooted in the very mystery of Nature. The feminine is a force that can never be fully understood or grasped as it eschews any rational reduction. Cosmia celebrates this mysterious and elusive energy that illuminates the world with a new and revealing light:

“In our experimentation there is a desire to find different ways of organizing our project, trying to maintain a feminine fluidity, resonance, and construction. We want to find out what lies ahead if we remain connected to femininity, what relationships with the environment and technology can be created.”

By creating a space where feminine energy becomes a source of inspiration, Cosmia opens the door to new thoughts and new relationships with the world whose trajectory and end cannot be predicted:

“What are we doing? Where are we going? These are questions that we will answer together along the way. There is no precise, linear destination, no set of objectives and this can arouse either fear or a lot of fascination. Cosmia is a project for those who have a desire to explore the unknown and are not intimidated by a blank page.”

A World Between Physical And Digital

Cosmia’s curious and dreamy nature made it come into being as a hybrid project in between the physical and the crypto world. While Cosmia is establishing itself in the physical realm as a publishing house and association it combines horizontal management and collaboration, typical of the Web3 space:

“In the crypto world, there is still much to explore. One of Cosmia’s leitmotif is precisely to experiment with new tools such as NFTs, open-source collaboration, and bring to life new ways of creating.”

NEAR Protocol is home to Cosmia’s metaverse, an ecosystem full of opportunities for new collaborations and projects.

The opening of her NFT store and publishing house on Mintbase was one of Cosmia’s first steps to begin the journey of digital exploration; the first of many more steps that will lead Cosmia to establish herself as a hub for women artists and writers on NEAR Protocol.

Narrandomnia, An Infinite Narration

Narrandomnia is the first project Cosmia has launched in the NEAR ecosystem to begin its journey into the world of crypto. As the name suggests, Narrandomnia is an exploration of open narrative, with no apparent end, only evolution:

“Narrandomnia is a term that combines Narration, Random, and Omnia, we chose it as a name for this experiment where we want to keep the narrative open-ended so that it can potentially evolve in any direction.”

Through open-ended storytelling, Narrandomnia creates a network of multimedia content that brings to the surface and celebrates the plurality of voices and worlds that populate the universe. Narrandomnia marks the birth of a new world, a world created and supported by the dreams of those who inhabit it. All content will become points on a virtual map in the metaverse, where paths and adventures can be followed or actively shaped and co-created.

How to participate

Cosmia welcomes female artists and writers who want to explore the unknown and bring new worlds to life, either through the services of a traditional publishing house (but where each project is considered from scratch, thus not standardized) or through the desire to experiment, from the real world to crypto or vice versa. Below are the main links to get in touch with the Cosmia team and find out more about its initiatives. To participate in Narrandomnia and other currently open calls see Cosmia’s website in the calls section.

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