An Introduction to Rubic: The One Step Decentralized Trading Platform

Rubic: A Multi-Chain and Multi-Purpose DeFi Platform

What can users do on Rubic?

Swap across chains using the Rubic Multi-Chain App
  • Rubic organizes DeFi services so that the project can create, manage, and trade tokens in a decentralized way in one place.
  • Rubic is a decentralized p2p platform. Rubic helps users to make deals on their terms, share, and generate income.
  • Rubic’s goal is to add multi-chain p2p deals to existing services and develop other products such as liquidity pools. And make them simple and convenient
  • In addition, Rubic is already operational and available to users, while competitive platforms have at best an MVP version of their platform.

Bringing Value to The NEAR Ecosystem

About Rubic

About NEAR Protocol



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