HRMS: NEAR Hub’s First Original Comic

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4 min readMay 6, 2022

When the NEAR community metaverse joins forces with NEAR’s creatives hub, you know the boundaries of what’s possible will be pushed to their limits. HRMS, the first NEAR Hub comic originating from its collaboration with NEARxPublish, is doing just that by creating new experiences and opening up new opportunities for its holders.

HRMS, Not Your Usual PFP

NEAR Hub, and NEARxPublish are pioneering a new PFP project, the first of its kind for its originality and ability to draw community engagement. HRMS is the first ever comic style PFP that offers 2100 different comic book covers, and unlocks various possibilities of community engagement, co-creation, and incentives.

Community Engagement

HRMS is the main character of a NEARverse adventure taking place in NEAR Hub. At the time of minting their comic page, users are invited to fill it in with a comment that will then be voted on by the community. The comic book cover and comment that will receive more votes, will end up into the final comic book and its owners will be rewarded with 1 NEAR for each copy sold plus royalties.

Monthly Release

Instead of publishing the entire comic book in one shot, HRMS will publish one page per month, thus ensuring better quality and allowing its creators, as well as the community, not to be overwhelmed.

Personalised Pages

The ability to leave a personalised comment on the page at the time of minting unlocks more use-cases for the owner providing a more unique experience. While some might try to increase the value of their page by leaving a comment, others might want to increase the sentimental value of their page by leaving a personal comment, or dedicating their page to their friends and loved ones.

Participation Incentives​​

Community participation is key for the development of HRMS, and for this reason a series of incentives have been put into place to foster co-production and engagement. HRMS holders will not only be able to participate in monthly contests to decide on the development of the comic’s narrative at a discounted price, but also be eligible for different prizes and rewards.

Participation Incentives

  • Discounts
  • Staking Rewards
  • Prizes for the most active voters
  • Special rewards for contest’s winners (1 NEAR + Royalties)

HRMS Themed Real World Items

NEARxPublish is going to create a collection of HRMS themed real world items. Physical copies of the comic book are going to be printed as well as other gadgets that are going to be distributed to the most active voters.

Original NEAR Hub Character

HRMS is a NEAR Hub original character that holds a special meaning for the NEAR community. NEAR Hub has become the favorite hang out place within the NEAR ecosystem, a place where new friendships and partnerships are created and a sense of belonging is developed. The character of HRMS is very relatable for everyone on NEAR and through this comic its role as community hub will further be strengthened.

HRMS White Listing & Utility

HRMS differentiates itself from other PFP projects even when it comes to white listing and utility. HRMS does not only allow the most active members of their community to be white listed, it also allows anyone to pay for a whitelist spot. When whitelisted, one receives an NFT that makes their rights to early minting irrevocable, and also allows them to trade, sell, or stake it as they see fit.

In addition to the regular white listing, HRMS is going to organize an auction with 15 special comic book covers whose sales are going to be entirely devoted to different charities.

For what concerns utility, HRMS is going to partner with different protocols within the NEAR ecosystem like Cheddar, Renaissance DAO, and more to offer its holders different staking opportunities.

What’s NEXT?

HRMS PFP was launched on the 24th of April and is now available at NEAR Hub Comics. In the coming weeks the charity auction will take place which will be followed by the release of the first comic page. Shortly after, farming opportunities on Cheddar farming opportunities will become available and other partnerships will be announced. So, stay tuned for updates!

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