OIN Finance Update: An Interview With OIN’s Marketing Director

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5 min readFeb 23, 2022

OIN Finance, the stablecoin issuance platform that aims at unleashing DeFi’s potential by creating a multichain world, is steadily picking up steam. In the past month and a half, OIN inaugurated the launch of OINDAO V3, the issuance of nUSDO, and struck new partnerships in the NEAR ecosystem and beyond. In this interview with Daniel Kwak, OIN’s Marketing Director, we will provide an overview of OIN’s latest accomplishments, and discuss new exciting plans for OIN’s expansion.

Bringing Stablecoins Into The NEAR Ecosystem

OIN is a stablecoin issuance that enables any blockchain project to launch their stablecoins, allowing them to rip the benefits associated and some more. Stablecoins are not only a safe haven asset, they are also the prime solution for trading, payments, remittances, payrolls, settlements. Issuing one’s stablecoin is then a fundamental step for any blockchain protocol aiming at providing efficient solutions to its users, as well as very attractive high yield opportunities. Since December 16th, NEAR users have seen these benefits unlock thanks to OIN Finance. Daniel comments:

“ It always felt weird to me whenever I was using USDT or USDC on anything other than Ethereum. For NEAR to get its own stablecoin it just kind of makes sense. You get your own branding, you get more control over it and it’s easier for everyone to use. On top of that, heavy users or businesses, traders, or yield farmers strategists can come in, take some leverage there in the same NEAR token. In this way you don’t have to sell your favorite token.”

The launch of nUSDO brought with it high yield farming opportunities for early adopters (for a recap on farming on OIN check out this tweet). Now, almost two months from the first round of rewards, OIN and Metapool are getting ready for a second one:

On February 10th, a total of 1 million $META were given for vault deposits (not borrowed nUSDO). For more information check out OIN’s Medium post.

Pushing Hard On Yield Farming

OIN is really pushing hard on yield farming as for the time being it remains one of the most attractive use cases for stablecoins, as Daniel remarks:

“At the moment we are focusing on yield farming, until these stablecoins don’t start being use cases where either corporations come in and large size transactions between each other we are going to see some kind of middle use. That’s why the main use for now is through yield farming. Right now on the farms on Ref are still popping up, the uSDO and wNEAR pack is giving out 70% APY. And then on the OIN DAO itself we have around 40 to 50% APY. ”

The main yield farming strategies available for the nUSDO are through Ref Finance or OINDAO. On Ref users can mint nUSDO by collateralising the stNEAR on the OINDAO, provide LP to the nUSDO-wNEAR pool, and lastly, stake on their farm to get a free distribution from LP and Ref rewards. Instead, on OINDAO, users can mint nUSDO by collateralising the stNEAR on the OINDAO for Meta and OIN rewards.

OIN Finance is building new partnerships and striving to open up interesting opportunities for its users. As the launch of aUSDO, the Aurora stablecoin approaches, we will see more farming strategies coming up.

Launching aUSDO — The Aurora Stablecoin

In the past month OIN Finance has been working hard to set the stage to aUSDO’s launch. From Daniel:

“We are still working on launching the aUSDO, the Aurora stablecoin, that is collateralised with the wNEAR, there are some hiccups with integrating with NEAR, and Aurora and the OINDAO. These systems working together might be a bit tricky especially with all the different functions we need for it. But the teams are working closely together to solve these problems.”

The release was initially planned for the end of January but due to a few setbacks its launch was postponed to February. The launch is expected to happen within the next few weeks.

The launch of nUSDO will come with great yield farming opportunities and some upcoming teasers from Daniel:

“We haven’t announced the partnerships that will collaborate with us for creating yield farming opportunities, but what I can say is that there will be some cool partnerships coming that will unlock more opportunities for users.”

A Look Into The Future

In the past months, OIN has been striking new strategic partnerships within the NEAR ecosystem and beyond and will continue to do so to bring DeFi to the next level.

“It’s very important to us that we provide this DeFi functionality to as many protocols as we can not just NEAR, that is ultimately most beneficial for NEAR as it will contribute to the development of DeFi in general.”

For this purpose, OIN is also going to further integrate stablecoins and upgrade their functionalities:

“Further down the line we are looking into integrating the different stable coins into a easily interchangeable and easy to use system so all these stablecoins will be easily integrated into each other whether its easily swapped, or you have one overarching stablecoin, or even just interchangeable with.”

OIN is ready to start the engines of DeFi. The OIN’s team’s hard work is now bearing eye-catching results and will continue to do so as it will deliver more innovative functionalities.


OIN is a decentralized stablecoin issuance platform. With a robust set of features such as single-vault liquidations and own-brand-labeled stablecoins, we bring the best stablecoin solutions for all, including our Layer-1 and Layer-2 partners.

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